Audio Workspace, Myxt, Integrates AudioShake’s Stem Separating Technology Into Suite of AI Tools for Musicians

May 6, 2023

Myxt, the collaborative workspace built for audio creators, today announced a first-of-its-kind integration with AudioShake, the leading AI stem separation platform. Together, users on Myxt’s platform will be able to seamlessly use AudioShake’s source separation tool, create stems, and export them for opportunities in content creation, sync licensing, mixing, and more.

Myxt offers a singular tool for artists to manage and improve their music creation process – from the moment an artist has recorded something to when they’re ready to share it with the world. The partnership comes shortly after Myxt’s launch out of beta where it introduced new, AI-powered capabilities to its platform such as reference mastering, automated lyric/dialogue transcription, and auto detection for BPM, key, and chords. With stem separation, Myxt deepens its suite of creative tools and strengthens its position as a creator-first platform that centralizes all the tools necessary to work with audio files in one app.

“At Myxt, we are building easy to use tools that remove the friction from the creation process. Musicians can now focus on what they do best – being creative. Adding stem separation to our platform opens up entirely new ways for artists to work on their music.” said Chris Wetherell, Co-Founder and CEO of Myxt. “AudioShake has the cleanest stem separation we’ve heard and we’re thrilled to be able to share that with creators on Myxt and embed it into their workflow.”

AudioShake’s source separation uses AI to recognize and isolate different components, or multitracks, of an audio file called "stems". Stems are useful assets for creators looking to open up their tracks to opportunities in sync licensing, spatial audio, remasters, and more. By providing Myxt users access to AudioShake’s award-winning technology, audio creators can now generate stems for recordings in their Myxt library – including in-progress files, demos, and unfinished projects. This opens up unique opportunities to compose entirely new songs or find creative inspiration from existing, idle work. 

“AudioShake is widely used by major label labels, publishers, and artists across the industry. With this Myxt integration, indie creators will also be able to create AudioShake stems at reduced prices, making cutting-edge AI accessible for all,” said Jessica Powell, Co-Founder and CEO of Audioshake. “From voice memos and live sessions to analog recordings and lost project files, AudioShake stems open up recordings to new opportunities and creative re-imagination. We’re excited to integrate with Myxt’s platform, so that a creator’s music and stems can be stored in one place.”

AudioShake is available for creators on Myxt now. Users with premium accounts will be able to access a free trial of AudioShake’s stem separation platform within workspace. Free stem separation will be available for a limited time.

Myxt is available on web, iOS, and Android devices. Join Myxt and/or sign up for a demo at For questions, email

About Myxt

Myxt is a collaborative workspace for audio creators. Built to confront the industry-wide problem of file sharing, Myxt is a central location to store, share, and work on audio files seamlessly, intuitively, and across multiple devices. The app is equipped with tools to improve the productivity and creativity of audio professionals at all levels – from collaborating online to exporting videos to enhancing tracks with AI. Founded in 2018, Myxt has raised $2M in seed funding from Accel Ventures and Quiet Capital.

About AudioShake

AudioShake’s B2B technology makes audio interactive and accessible by using AI to separate audio into their different components–from separating music into its different instrument stems, to splitting dialogue, music, and effects in film and TV. Dubbed “the cleanest stem technology” by DJ Mag, AudioShake works with the music, film/TV, and dubbing industries to power audio separation across sync licensing, spatial audio, synthetic voice, and dubbing, and partners with third parties to help build the next wave of audio experiences across social, UGC, streaming, gaming, and more.