AudioShake launches lyric transcription and time-stamping service for labels and publishers, including Downtown Artist & Label Services, LVRN, Singa, and Spirit Music Group

October 5, 2023

AudioShake, the industry leader in audio separation, today announced LyricSync, a new lyric transcription and time stamping service that allows customers to create lyric transcripts and word-by-word timestamps in seconds, utilizing nothing more than the original recording as an input. 

Lyrics serve a wide variety of uses in the music industry, including powering fan engagement and track sing-along on streaming services; identifying explicit words; and helping music supervisors and sync teams find the perfect song for an advertising brief. But lyrics are not always delivered along with the track—and synching each word to the track is a laborious, time-consuming, and error-prone process.

Enter AudioShake’s new LyricSync service, which only requires the customer to submit the original audio file. Leveraging AudioShake’s best-in-class acapella separation, LyricSync isolates the vocal and then transcribes it in both the original and new languages. The service can also time stamp and sync the words at a word-by-word level, achieving more than 95% accuracy (averaged over multiple languages), surpassing previous lyric-sync benchmarks and setting a new standard for state-of-the-art.

Introducing LyricSync from AudioShake – lyric transcriptions, alignment, and videos:


Available in over 40 languages, AudioShake’s LyricSync customers include Spirit Music Group, one of the world’s leading independent music publishing companies; karaoke company Singa; hip hop label LVRN; sync licensing platform Chordal; and recording artist and TikTok star, Lala Sadii, who is distributed by Downtown Artist & Label Services.

After releasing her first song "Murder My Feelings", Lala released her track in multiple languages, via AudioShake lyric transcription, to further reach a global audience. To view in French, visit:

The company is also partnering with lyric licensing and lyric video providers to bring these same benefits to their services. 

“We were amazed at how fast AudioShake could take Lala's song and turn it into multiple lyric videos that could help Lala connect with fans in their local languages,” said Channing Mitzell, Project Manager at Downtown Artist & Label Services. “The fans are loving the results and already asking for more."

“AudioShake partners with the music industry to help open music to a broader range of practical and creative uses,” said Jessica Powell, Co-Founder and CEO of AudioShake. “LyricSync lets labels, publishers, managers, and artists create lyrics and word-by-word time stamping for a wide range of uses—from reducing the tedium of lyric transcription by hand, to allowing large-scale uses of lyrics within app and streaming environments.” 

Potential partners and customers interested in accessing AudioShake’s lyric transcription can contact the team directly at

About AudioShake

AudioShake makes audio interactive, customizable, and accessible by using AI to separate sound recordings into their component parts and stems. AudioShake’s industry-leading technology is used by major and indie labels, music publishers, film studios, dubbing companies, and apps for uses such as localization, captioning, immersive audio, sync licensing, fan engagement, voice synthesis, gaming, and more.