AudioShake partners with Cielo24 to bring first-of-its-kind dubbing solution to creators 

April 11, 2023

AudioShake, the award-winning audio separation technology, today announced its partnership with Cielo24, a leading platform for content localization, to make it possible for creators to get professional dubbing without the need for source files, costly studio time, or high-end sound mixing. 

Automated speech recognition (ASR), artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies have been used in the transcription, translation, and captioning industries for a while. But the output of these technologies can be lacking, particularly when additional noise and music are in the background, interfering with the accuracy of transcription. 

AudioShake’s patented separation technology addresses this problem by cleanly separating both dialogue and music from a video. Cielo24 then uses these clean separations to create accurate transcription, translation, and localization capabilities in multiple languages at scale, making it accessible to content creators of any size, without them needing to separate audio tracks or have a large studio budget. Cielo24 also uses a hybrid AI-human approach, ensuring that creators get human-accurate results and quality control.

While this partnership brings AudioShake’s technology to creators of all levels, the company has already led several successful ventures in the world of dubbing for film and television. Most recently, production studio Pandastorm Pictures turned to AudioShake to redub and distribute The BBC's iconic series Doctor Who in German 

“Existing transcription and dubbing technologies can get tripped up by the presence of music alongside dialogue, often leading to expensive, time-consuming workflows, or output that is missing the original score,” said Jessica Powell, Co-Founder and CEO of AudioShake. “By partnering with Cielo24, we’re excited to help more content creators easily localize their videos, and share them with the world.”

"Video publishers understand the value of expanding their reach to new markets, but they often face obstacles in cost and complexity when it comes to localization," said Shanna Johnson, CEO of "Our joint offering with AudioShake is an innovative solution that enables publishers to accurately, easily, and cost-effectively localize their video content at scale to engage new audiences worldwide."

Cielo24’s video localization service is open to creators starting today. Customers can visit for more information, or contact the company at

For more information about AudioShake’s capabilities, visit:

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AudioShake’s B2B technology makes audio interactive and accessible by using AI to separate audio into their different components–from separating music into its different instrument stems, through to splitting dialogue, music, and effects in film and TV. Winner of Sony’s Demixing Challenge, AudioShake works with the music, film/TV, and dubbing industries to power audio separation across sync licensing, spatial audio, synthetic voice, and dubbing, and partners with third parties to help build the next wave of audio experiences across social, UGC, streaming, gaming, and more.

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