Music startup Tuney launches Beat Swap, a tool for artists, creators, and labels to rework existing music, leveraging AudioShake stems 

January 22, 2024

Tuney, the AI music creation and editing platform, today announced the launch of Beat Swap, a stem-based remixing tool for artists, labels, and creative media teams to remix and create derivative works from existing catalogs. Beat Swap’s technology unlocks the full potential of any catalog and opens up new avenues for revenue and creativity. With the click of a button, artists can create commercially-safe backing tracks to release songs originally written over licensed instrumentals, or labels can remix, rerelease, or test derivative content from their catalogs. 

Beat Swap is made possible through a partnership with AudioShake, the leading stem-separation company trusted by labels and publishers worldwide to create stems for sync licensing, authorized remixes, and immersive mixes. AudioShake’s technology powers the stem separation for Beat Swap by isolating the vocal stems from a user’s track, which Beat Swap’s AI scans for tempo, key, and composition before generating a matching instrumental beat. 

Once a recording is uploaded, Tuney's proprietary AI technology analyzes the vocal stem using music theory logic. It then generates a variety of compatible instrumentals across any genre or style, which can be curated, licensed, or even commercially released. Tuney’s underlying tech has already enabled cutting-edge functionality for BACARDI’s Music Liberates Music Platform, Songfinch Instant songs, WPP’s Amp Sonic Branding, and more to automate previously manual music functions and bring the power of AI to previously manual businesses. 

In today's music landscape, AI tools are easy, low-barrier ways for creators to enter and expand their careers. However, many using these tools can’t monetize what they create because the AI models are trained on licensed content. Tuney’s AI platform uniquely empowers creators of all sizes to get started, test new content, and meet the evolving demand for frequent releases and new content on social platforms. 

This is because the music found in Tuney’s library is made up of content produced, acquired, or commissioned by Tuney. Beat Swap’s AI then assembles instrumentals from this catalog, rather than generates them, making the song both licensable and a higher quality. Unlike other beat-making tools on the market, Tuney’s unique approach combines human interaction and AI to understand song structure and produces an instrumental that is better at matching the quality and composition of songs. This approach made Tuney one of the first generative AI companies to be certified by Fairly Trained, a non-profit started by the former Head of Audio at Stability AI that certifies AI companies for fairer training data sourcing.

For labels, Beat Swap cuts down the cost and time spent on reimagining copyright-safe derivatives of their new releases or legacy catalog for uses including engagement, sync licensing, or testing the performance of alternate versions. 

"Our mission is to scale human creativity in an artistic, meaningful, and ethically safe way,” shared Antony Demekhin, CEO of Tuney, “After seeing Tuney’s technology drastically accelerate the creative for brands like Coca-Cola and Bacardi, we knew we had to make Beat Swap available to the broader artist community. We wanted to extend the ease of producing new music and new experiences to every creative: from a budding creator to a legacy label group.” 

Jessica Powell, CEO of AudioShake, emphasized its commitment to helping artists and labels explore new opportunities, stating, "We founded AudioShake to help artists and labels unlock the potential of their music. With Tuney’s Beat Swap, we are excited to make ethical remix and derivative creation easy and affordable for labels and artists, opening up new avenues of creative expression." 

“Tuney’s AI tools let us scale our custom music offering while keeping artists at the center of the process,” says John Williamson, CEO and Co-Founder of Songfinch. “Their stem-based approach allows us to take artist stems and generate instant custom songs for customers while paying artists a passive royalty for every generated song.” 

Beat Swap is currently in beta and available with limited features []. A more robust version will be launched later this year. This move reflects AudioShake and Tuney's commitment to democratizing access to innovative music production tools. 

About Tuney 

Tuney is building commercially viable AI tools for creative media teams. Its platform makes it easy for creators, musicians, and labels to edit existing music, produce remixes, and generate new tracks. Tools built by Tuney allow users to create and adapt music that is legally safe for commercial release or license. Tuney customers include Hulu, Apple, Meta, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Songfinch, WPP and Mixcord. Founded in 2020 by Antony Demehkin, Filip Mitrovic and Maciej Kurek, Tuney is backed by Mucker Capital, Goodwater Capital, bValue Fund, Off Center Ventures, Gaingels, and Foresight Investment Group. Labels interested in using BeatSwap can contact Tuney at 

About AudioShake 

AudioShake is helping power the next wave of music, film, and content experiences by making audio interactive, customizable, and accessible. Winner of the Sony Demixing Challenge, and named to TIME's Best Inventions list, the company’s B2B sound separation and lyric transcription technology is used by major and indie labels, music publishers, film studios, audio engineers, and media operations teams. AudioShake stems open up sound to new experiences in localization, sync licensing, and immersive mixes, as well as emerging audio applications in UGC, gaming, streaming, sports, and more.