AI Ethics at AudioShake

AudioShake is a B2B technology that works directly with music labels and publishers, film and TV studios, and broadcasters to help address various audio problems through best-in-class sound separation and lyric transcription technology. Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies as an assistive AI tool, AudioShake was built from the very start with deep respect for content owners and their workflows.
How does AudioShake work?

AudioShake uses A.I. to recognize different components in a piece of audio--for example, the drums in a rock song, or the dialogue in a film  We then isolate that stem so you can use it for new purposes--localization, sync licensing, remastering, re-mixes, and more.

Is AudioShake a generative AI technology?

No. AudioShake specializes in a different field known as source separation. The technology is quite different–most notably, it doesn’t generate any new content. Rather, it’s taking what already exists and separating it into its different components (“stems”). 

Here’s a practical way to think about it: If you want to generate a music track in the style of Elvis or clone Tom Cruise’s voice, your AI would need to have a concept of what Elvis’s music or Tom Cruise’s voice sounds like-–meaning, you would need to have training data of their music or voices, or soundalikes. 

In contrast, a source separation model like AudioShake doesn’t need to train on Elvis’s music in order to separate an Elvis track. It’s sufficient to train on data–for example, licensed production library data–that teaches the model the general qualities of guitars, voices, drums, etc. so it can separate any audio regardless of the specific artist or speaker. 

Does your model hallucinate?

No. This is a risk with generative AI models, not sound separation models. Our models separate what’s already in the audio. So if there is no duck quacking in your jazz trio, there’s not going to be a duck quacking in the outputted stems.

Does AudioShake train on my input or output?

No. Unless stated otherwise contractually–for example, in the event we are building a custom model for a rightsholder–we do not train on any input or output to or from our platform. Instead, we license training data from a wide range of providers.

Is this available via API or on-device?

Yes! All our separations are via API, and many are also available on-device. Our documentation site is here.

Can you undergo our company’s AI Review process?

Yes. We’ve been through multiple AI Reviews across some of the world’s largest companies–and have passed all of them. 

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