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Customer Quotes

Trusted by labels, apps, film studios, and artists.

“To hear musical stems created with this technology—on demand—at this high quality gives any songwriter, artist, producer or rights holder not just new life creatively for their life’s work.”
Billy Mann
Grammy Winning Songwriter/ Producer/ Executive
"I find AudioShake’s stem separation technology to be nothing short of magical. To hear, in isolation, individual musicians’ performances on tracks from the days before multi-track recording is a real revelation. AudioShake takes the art of sampling to a new level of sophistication.”
Steve Greenberg
CEO, S-Curve and Manager of AJR
"We were able to mix a couple of tracks that would have been impossible to do otherwise. It's exciting getting to go back into new and older catalog music and re-imagine it in new ways. AudioShake has been indispensable for us... It's the industry leading technology, hands down."
Daniel Rowland
Co-Founder and CEO, Immersive Mixers
"AudioShake has proven to be a game changer in audio and video transcription. Since we started using AudioShake, our accuracy rates have improved by 25% or more... This has allowed us to transcribe audio and video content faster and more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources."
Shanna Johnson
CEO, cielo24
“AudioShake has blown our minds with their on-demand stemming tech. We've tried other on-demand services before, but the quality was not usable for commercial purposes. “
Jenn Miller
CEO, Audiosocket
“AudioShake helped us quickly create stems for our songs, some of which have never had stems. These stems will help our great songwriters, as well as others, re-imagine classics and allow future generations to add their interpretations from records which inspired generations.“
Merck Mercuriadis
CEO, Hipgnosis Song Fund
“AudioShake gives me the ability to create an instrumental draft mix within minutes on the fly, to send out to music supervisors and editors before they commit to a placement. Allowing for more flexibility when considering music for a placement."
Benny Cardenas
Sr. Vice President, Cleopatra Records
"AudioShake is nothing short of magic. On multiple projects their tech and service has not just saved the day, but made the day. They should be every music supervisor's secret weapon."
Buzzy Cohen
Founder, The Teenage Diplomat
"AudioShake is the first platform that truly delivers at a broadcast quality level. It’s quick and painless to create an instrumental and/or a vocal stem from an existing track. I would highly recommend it for any music publisher or record label."
Craig Currier
VP, Director of Advertising Markets, Peermusic