AudioShake joins The Disney Accelerator

February 21, 2024

AudioShake is proud to join The Disney Accelerator program, Disney’s business development program designed to accelerate the growth of innovative companies from around the world. 

AudioShake’s vision is rooted in the desire to help re-imagine audio and its creative uses. What better company to learn from and collaborate with than Disney, an inventive force in entertainment for over a century. 

Since 2014, the Disney Accelerator has connected more than 60 global companies, including innovators like Epic Games, Kahoot!, Illumix and Inworld, with the creativity, imagination, and expertise of Disney. In this year’s cohort, AudioShake is joined by:

  • ElevenLabs: ElevenLabs is a voice AI research and deployment company that creates realistic, versatile, and contextually aware AI audio.
  • Nuro: Nuro is an autonomous vehicle company that builds custom, electric, zero-occupant vehicles for the delivery of goods.
  • PrometheanAI: PrometheanAI is a company that provides a suite of tools for virtual world creation and digital asset management using natural language prompts.
  • StatusPro: StatusPro is an immersive entertainment company that leverages virtual and augmented reality to create first-person sports gaming experiences.

We’re thrilled to embark on this adventure with the Disney Accelerator and can’t wait for Demo Day later this spring at The Walt Disney Studios lot!

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