October 24, 2023

AudioShake named a TIME Best Invention of 2023


Today, we were included in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023 and we couldn’t be more honored to join so many exciting companies on this list.

The award punctuates a year in which we rapidly expanded the capabilities and applications for our sound separation technology. This included launching new features, partnerships with emerging audio and music startups, and even introducing AudioShake to entirely new industries.

All eyes were on AI in 2023 and it’s wild to see our company mentioned alongside others who captured so much of our society’s time and attention this past year. We are especially proud to be featured as one of the few AI startups working at the controversial crossroad of creativity and artificial intelligence–and working in a positive, collaborative manner with the creative industries.

AudioShake is one of a few audio companies focused on the non-generative elements of AI. While we work at the bleeding edge of audio technology and research, we believe it’s this focus on how to extend the reach and relevance of a song or piece of audio by reinventing it, that has made our technology so widely embraced by the artists, labels, publishers, and our other partners.

See the full list here: time.com/best-inventions-2023