December 14, 2023

Tuney and AudioShake team up for the first-ever, AI-powered EP produced by Boi-1da.


Today, BACARDÍ announced the release of The Concept A.I.bum, a project that explores how AI can be leveraged to provide emerging talent with new opportunities. To make this album possible, BACARDI tapped the technology of AudioShake and our partner, Tuney, combined with the talent of Grammy award-winning artist Boi-1da

For this album, five emerging artists were invited to upload their music to Tuney, which had trained an AI remixing tool on a selection of beats from Boi-1da's unreleased catalog. This tool, powered by AudioShake, used stems to learn the unique sounds, cadence, and style of Boi-1da’s musical style. With stems, it could then generate remixes and produce variations of their uploaded song that matched the style of Boi-1da.

“Music as an art has continually grown thanks to innovative technology, and with AI, I believe we can revolutionize the music industry for good if we view it as a way to provide opportunities that enhance music's human element, rather than replace it." – Boi-1da, Grammy Award-winning artist and producer

This one-of-a-kind project, powered by AudioShake and Tuney, provided up-and-coming artists Bellah, Blackway, Floyd Fuji, Kyle Dion, and Savannah Ré with unique access to Boi-1da’s personal production style.