Launching AudioShake Live

June 21, 2021

We launched AudioShake earlier this year in the belief that the next wave in music innovation, re-imagination, and consumer engagement would come from stems — the different instrument and vocal parts of a song.

Stems are already an important part of today’s music industry — sync licensing, spatial audio, remixes, and adaptive music all rely on stems. But their value is set to grow exponentially as new experiences emerge in social apps, fitness, gaming, hardware, and other fields that allow fans to interact and engage with musical content in new ways.

But stems are not always easily available, which is where AudioShake comes in. Our best-in-class A.I. technology can take a song from any point in history and separate it into its stems, opening the song up for new uses as instrumentals, samples, and more. Since launching earlier this year, our work has been used by record companies, music publishers, music supervisors, audio engineers, and artists in commercials, documentaries, movies, podcasts, and remixes.

Today we take the next step by launching AudioShake Live, a platform that lets labels, publishers, and their partners bring our A.I. technology “in-house,” and create instrumentals and stems on demand.

AudioShake Live is easy to use. Platform subscribers simply upload their songs and choose the stems they want to create, choosing from six different stem types: bass, drums, guitar, instrumentals, vocals, and “other.” AudioShake quickly returns the selected instrument stems or a turnkey instrumental that is ready for pitching.

Subscribers can then listen to their stems in our player, or download immediately — for use in a sync pitch, to explore a creative partnership, or to explore re-mix possibilities.

This past spring, we gave a handful of record labels, music publishers, and distributors early access to AudioShake Live. First as demo testers, now as customers, we’ve been inspired to see the many ways our technology has been put to use by record labels, publishers, and music service companies like Warner Music Group, CODISCOS, Crush Music, Hipgnosis Songs Fund, Downtown Music Services, Spirit Music Group, and peermusic; distributors like CD Baby; production music companies like Audiosocket; and music supervisors like The Teenage Diplomat.

Sync Licensing – Record labels and music publishers use Audioshake Live to create turnkey instrumentals that reduce all the back-and-forth involved in preparing a sync pitch, and with older songs, open up new monetization possibilities that didn’t exist due to lack of instrumentals. Our instrumentals have been used in commercials, movies, and on podcasts like Switched on Pop and Song Exploder.

Remixes –  Labels, songwriters, and producers use AudioShake Live to isolate vocals or remove drum beats from their songs in order to find new ways to breathe new life into their catalog.

Re-masters – Audio engineers at record labels include AudioShake Live as a part of their toolbox, leapfrogging some of the more tedious parts of their task, and allowing them to focus on the highly skilled parts of their work.

How to Sign Up

AudioShake Live is meant to serve the music industry, and is specifically aimed at record labels, music publishers, and others who regularly need to create or use stems for their songs. If you’re in that category, please sign up for a demo!

For those musicians, audio engineers, music supervisors, producers, and other authorized third parties who need to create stems on a one-off basis, we’ll continue to offer our services on a 1:1 basis.

Our aim is to put this technology in the hands of everyone who can benefit from it, but to do so respectfully, in partnership with the music industry, so that artists’ creative wishes are front and center — not an afterthought, as has often been the case when technology has intersected with the music world.