November 14, 2023

Localized lyric videos for Lala Sadii


Lyric videos are often a complement to an artist's music video. As the name suggests, they provide the lyrics to a song and are one of the best ways for fans to understand and memorize the lyrics. They are also, put simply, an incredibly quick and effective marketing tool for labels ahead of a new album. 

For international audiences, localized lyric videos–meaning, videos that provide captions in local languages– present a special opportunity to relate to an artist’s work on a deeper level. It’s also smart marketing. Lyric videos are not only easy ways to engage with existing followers, but with multiple translations, artists can grow their audience internationally and discover new regions where their music performs well.

Following the release of Lala Sadii’s “Murder My Feelings” Downtown Artist & Label Services leveraged a number of cutting-edge AI tools and AudioShake innovations for marketing and promotion. This included our latest product, LyricSync. 

LyricSync, which isolates the vocal of a recording and then transcribes it in both the original and new languages, allows customers to create lyric transcripts, word-by-word time stamps, and lyric videos in seconds. Not only that, but users can go a step further, and create those transcripts and videos in 40+ languages, providing quick and unprecedented access to an international audience. With over 20M followers, Lala Sadii is no stranger to creating a swath of engaging content for her followers across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. For Sadii, who’s bilingual in English and Arabic, the opportunity to share her lyrics in multiple languages was a no-brainer. 

“We were searching for an effective tool that would help us create lyric videos in multiple languages and reach new audiences for Lala, who already has an international fan base. We were amazed at how fast AudioShake could take Lala's song and turn it into multiple lyric videos that could help Lala connect with fans in their local languages. The fans are loving the results and already asking for more." - Channing Mitzell, Project Manager, Downtown Artist & Label Services.