Audio Analysis

Powering sonic branding tools for ads

amp creates and implements 360º sonic experiences and assets. From digital advertising to branded content and user experiences, amp provides creative sonic solutions with the latest developments in tech. amp utilizes its award-winning Sonic DNA® design approach to create holistic sonic identities for global brands, including Mastercard, Mercedes-Benz, Deloitte.
Powering sonic branding tools for ads
Working with AudioShake

For years amp has built tools to help build sonic identities for global brands. In 2023, amp released its brand-facing tech product, Sonic Hub®  which features AudioShake’s stem separation AI as an added API. Sonic Hub is built to help research, test, and create sonic assets at scale. 

AudioShake allows Sonic Hub to produce accurate brand sound analyses by separating the voice and music stems within ads. With vocals removed, amp’s technology can properly perform a sonic measurement of a song and propose relevant solutions. On amp’s platform, artists and brands can use AudioShake’s API to work on the microdetails of a video to ensure they stay on-brand and produce high-quality assets.

“AudioShake’s stem separation has strengthened our technology’s ability to sonically measure an ad without vocals interfering with the analysis. This gives amp and the brands we work with greater control over asset-creation and sonic research, allowing us to build a brighter future toward scalable and widespread, customizable, brand sound implementations."
Michele Arnese
Founder and CEO, amp
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