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Distributor lands Netflix trailer

Home to over 1 million artists and 10 million tracks, CD Baby has paid out over $1 billion in artist royalties since its founding in 1998. CD Baby, a Downtown Music Holdings company, empowers emerging, niche, and amateur musicians with everything they need to successfully distribute, publish, promote, and monetize their music around the globe. Founded and run by artists for artists, CD Baby exists to make success in the music business accessible to all.
Distributor lands Netflix trailer
Working with AudioShake

With such a rich and diverse catalog, CD Baby has a variety of songs that make for excellent sync placements. However, CD Baby doesn’t receive instrumentals from its artists when they upload their music, which means they are regularly having to chase down assets from artists when a sync opportunity arises. “Sometimes we can get instrumentals from the artists, but other times it’s crickets,” says the company’s sync manager, Brett Byrd. Byrd regularly uses AudioShake for pitching, and has used the platform for everything from 1970s songs to contemporary tracks. One of Byrd’s successes with AudioShake is El Micha’s “No Hagas Planes,” which landed in a Netflix trailer for Cocaine Cowboys and uses an instrumental Byrd created on AudioShake.

“AudioShake has been great for us. It’s a great resource for not only CD Baby but for all independent artists. Sync moves very quickly and an instrumental can be needed within a few hours. AudioShake makes it possible to meet our deadlines and requirements.”
Brett Byrd
Sync Licensing Manager, CD Baby
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