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Publisher opens up deep catalog

Founded by Ralph S. Peer in 1928, peermusic is the world’s largest global independent music publishing and neighbouring rights administration company, operating from 38 offices in 31 countries. With well over a million titles owned or administered by the company, and with a neighbouring rights roster encompassing over 300 record labels and more than 2,500 performers, peermusic is the largest privately owned company of its kind in the world and a trusted independent leader in the music community.
Publisher opens up deep catalog
Working with AudioShake

Sync licensing is a fast-paced business in which licensing teams often need to source stems--and particularly instrumentals--for music supervisors and editors working on commercials, movies, or other projects in which audio and video are being synched.

Like many of its publishing peers, peermusic’s sync department often faces the challenge of needing instrumentals to be able to pitch their artists’ songs. But particularly with older catalog, finding those instrumentals or stems can be difficult. In the time it might take to do a re-record, or hunt down the multi-tracks (if they exist!), a sync deal can be lost.

As a subscriber to AudioShake’s on-demand platform, peermusic regularly uses AudioShake to create instrumentals and stem sets for pitches. AudioShake’s low-cost subscription model allows peer to quickly create MP3 instrumentals for pitching, with no need to invest in a high resolution file unless a deal is landed.

Recently, peermusic turned to AudioShake for an instrumental for Gaby Moreno’s song, "Fronteras” for use in a TV commercial. peermusic, in cooperation with the label Metamorfosis , created an instrumental on AudioShake, and landed the pitch--a win for the publisher, label, and artist.

"While we’ve been pitched other technology for creating stems from stereo tracks where they didn’t exist, AudioShake is the first platform that truly delivers at a broadcast quality level. It’s quick and painless to create an instrumental and/or a vocal stem from an existing track and AudioShake’s ability to quickly jump in and fine tune a track when needed is the icing on the cake. We’ve already been able to utilize their technology on a recent commercial use for a major brand and everyone was thrilled with the results. I would highly recommend it for any music publisher or record label and it will be a go-to tool in our tool box."
Craig Currier VP
Director of Advertising Markets, peermusic
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