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Indie label lands Netflix trailer

Cherry Red Records boasts 35+ years in indie music releases, navigating evolving musical terrains. Collaborating with artists like Jack Bruce, Todd Rundgren, Suzi Quatro, Dead Kennedys, and The Fall, they span genres: from folk to rock, soul, funk, and jazz, always honoring punk and indie origins. Known for award-winning box sets and fueling the vinyl revival, Cherry Red stands as a celebrated, enduring, and innovative record label, bridging a rich history with a vision for the future.
Indie label lands Netflix trailer
Working with AudioShake

The music supervisor for the Netflix show, Mixtape, approached the label wanting to use "Going Nowhere Fast" by Girls At Our Best, and Cherry Red provided the full studio version. But then the supervisor came back with the request to use it in the trailer as well, which would require the instrumental version. Using the AudioShake platform, Cherry Red were able to quickly and easily create an instrumental WAV version of the track for the producers. This ended up licensed for the trailer us.

"Without access to the original multitrack for one of our songs, we would not have been able to move forward with a trailer deal had it not been for AudioShake’s ground-breaking technology."
Matt Bristow
Director, Cherry Red Records
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