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Auto-Instrumental for Sync

Chordal is the first and only music platform dedicated to growing sync opportunities for artists by connecting the music and content industries with unprecedented transparency. Their goal is to bring more licensing opportunities to the best music in the world, by building a more equitable and globally connected licensing economy that encourages the use of artist music in content.
Auto-Instrumental for Sync
Working with AudioShake

Instrumentals are increasingly required for a sync deal to close. When a sync opportunity is on the table and project files are inaccessible, offline, or impossible to access because they were recorded on mono-tracks decades ago, they can fall through. As one of the largest repositories of approved instrumentals and stems in the world, Chordal saw how speed and access to instrumentals were standing in the way of a finalized sync deal.To tackle this problem, they integrated AudioShake’s API into their platform and launched a first-of-it-kind instrumental solution for music supervisors, Auto-Instrumental.

Auto-Instrumental will provide instant and much needed access to stems for music supervisors, while still giving rights holders the opportunity to upload the official instrumental to Chordal if they are able to obtain it later.

"In sync, speed is key. Auto-Instrumental reduces the time of obtaining an instrumental from days or weeks – if it even exists – to a matter of seconds, making it immediately possible to trial music to picture.We partnered with AudioShake, which is already known as the best-in-class AI solution for extracting high quality instrumentals and stems from vocal tracks."
Grayson Sanders
CEO and Founder, Chordal
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