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CODISCOS opens up spatial & sync opps

For 70 years, CODISCOS has been a pivotal force in Latin America, earning global acclaim and cementing its position as the continent's leading independent label. Instrumental in the artistic and cultural evolution of Latin America, it's been home to luminaries like Nicky Jam, Binomio de Oro, Richie Ray, Bobby Cruz, Grupo Niche, and many others. These talents, among numerous others, have flourished and achieved immense success under the CODISCOS banner.
CODISCOS opens up spatial & sync opps
Working with AudioShake

Disney approached CODISCOS about wanting to use a classic song, “Colombia Tierra Querida,” in a trailer for their upcoming movie Encanto. The song was originally recorded in the 1970s and released again as a new version in the 90s. This would be a huge opportunity for the artist and label, but there were no stems for the song. CODISCOS used AudioShake to separate the vocal, and in the resulting trailer, one can hear the iconic cry of “Colombia!” that then transitions to the instrumental of the song.

In addition to sync licensing, CODISCOS is now using AudioShake to create stems for remixes and remasters. With AudioShake, CODISCOS was able to create stems for songs recorded by influential Latin American artists over 25 years ago and master new, spatial audio mixes. CODISCOS was able to invite these artists including Israel Romero, Moncho Santa, and Omar Geles to hear their music in this new format.

“AudioShake has completely changed things for us. We now have people from around the world wanting to create remixes with our songs. EDM producers are re-introducing these songs to entirely new audiences. If we hadn’t been able to separate the vocal from the song we would have lost the sync.”
Dennis Murcia
Global Marketing, Business Development, Digital Strategy and A&R, CODISCOS
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