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Dubbing Doctor Who with AI

Pandastorm Pictures publishes high-quality films and series in German-speaking Europe and is active in the areas of home entertainment, theatrical distribution, and license trading for TV and video-on-demand. The team has worked to dub and distribute content including DEUS, Doctor Who, and Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?
Dubbing Doctor Who with AI
Working with AudioShake

Production studio Pandastorm Pictures set out to dub the original Doctor Who series in German for the first time. Since the British series was originally filmed and produced in the 1960s, the production team’s only audio source contained the English dialogue, music, and sound effects all layered on top of one another. Needless to say, this made it difficult for them to dub the series without German and English dialogues clashing together.

Fortunately, Pandastorm was able to use AudioShake’s AI, which can separate any audio source into individual tracks. From the audio of an episode of Doctor Who, our technology could distinguish between and pull stems for dialogue, background music, and sound effects. Giving Pandastorm the ability to remaster the original track, remove the English dialogue, and layer in the new German dubbing. After testing AudioShake, Pandastorm Pictures used its AI to help dub “The Ark in Space” into German, which will be released later this year for the series’ 60th anniversary. The team is busy working on the “Genesis of the Daleks” now, also using AudioShake.

"In 2015, we acquired the rights for the BBC's classic ‘Doctor Who’ franchise. But there was only the English mix available, which left us with two options: either composing new music and creating the effects, a very costly and work-intensive process or cutting out the English dialogues and reproducing only the sections missing music and effects. When we came across AudioShake AI, this seemed like a possible solution. A test with the AI showed us that we could extract the existing English dialogues, leaving us with a very good music and effect track on top of which we finally add the recorded German dialogues and complete the German audio track for the show.”
Dennis vom Berg
Senior Product Manager, Pandastorm Pictures
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