Sync Licensing

Revitalizing an iconic catalog

Henry Stone was among the firsts to build the business of recording and selling original music. Today, Henry Stone Music is led by his son Joe Stone with help of Garret Morris of Blackwatch Dominion, who manage the extensive catalog and oversee remastering original studio recordings, reissuing vinyls, sync licensing, publishing, sampling and remixing, and distribution.
Revitalizing an iconic catalog
Working with AudioShake

Henry Stone was one of the earliest executives in the recorded music business. For over 60 years, he produced and released thousands of records across early blues, funk and soul, and disco by hundreds of artists including Ray Charles, James Brown, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, Betty Wright, Timmy Thomas & Bobby Caldwell.

While Henry Stone was prolific at recording, over the years it was difficult to maintain an extensive collection of his own work. Fortunately, through the devoted community of collectors around the world, Joe Stone and his team were able to locate long lost master recordings to bring home to Henry Stone Music Inc. When they sought to clean up these original recordings, they turned to AudioShake to pull stems from onetake mono recordings – many from the 50’s through 70’s. With stems, the team at Henry Stone was able to exponentially increase the versatility and accessibility of the catalog for various  licensing, sampling, remix and re-issue projects.

"In the early days, all you had was a one take mono recording. There was no such thing as stems. Luckily, there have been so many great developments in music technology and its availability in the last five years. And to be able to get the stems out of these master recordings is amazing. We’re glad to have AudioShake as a resource in our toolkit, because it opens up a lot of doors and allows us to unlock a catalog of Henry Stone’s original work. For sync licensing, working with remixers or producers, creating cleaner remastered versions, etc.”
Joe Stone
President, Henry Stone Music Inc.
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