Oscar Peterson's 1971 live album

Founded in the late 1990’s in Detroit, Michigan, Mack Avenue Records’ beginnings were conceived out of a genuine love for jazz and the artists that create it. Now based in LA, the company is driven by the idea that we can be a partner to highly-acclaimed established artists looking to further their careers and, at the same time, nurture the next generation of jazz’s undiscovered greats. Mack Avenue’s recordings have won or been nominated for multiple Grammy®, NAACP, and other media honors.
Oscar Peterson's 1971 live album
Working with AudioShake

For fifty years, a recording of the Oscar Peterson Trio’s 1971 show at the historic Tonhalle Zürich sat in archives. That was until Mack Avenue partnered with AudioShake to make this performance available as a live album.

As audio engineers know, live recordings often have fair amounts of bleed and crowd noise that can make mastering a challenge. Mack Avenue used AudioShake to extract high-quality stems from the live recording, separating the piano, drums, and bass played by Peterson, Louis Hayes, and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, respectively. Once extracted, the stems were then mastered by Mack Avenue’s producer for the “Live in Zurich” project. AudioShake’s AI turned a singular recording from the late 20th century into a master album released across digital, vinyl, and CD.

“I discovered AudioShake through various colleagues and after running some tests on my own bands, I was impressed. There were very few artifacts in each stem we pulled. So I reached out to see if they could partner on a whole record with us.With AudioShake, we could use the stereo two-track and nip-and-tuck audience and band mics to bring a better, more cohesive sound to the mix. There are lots of subtleties I notice, but the main difference in quality can be heard in the opening of the record, in the mixing of the audience and band mics.”
Will Wakefield
Senior Director of A&R, MackAvenue
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