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Localized lyrics for Sia’s “Gimme Love”

Sia is a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, most famously know for the songs "Titanium," "Elastic Heart," and "Chandelier." In addition to releasing her own music, Sia has co-written songs for artists including Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kylie Minogue. Sia is managed by CRUSH Music.
Localized lyrics for Sia’s “Gimme Love”
Working with AudioShake

One of the biggest names in pop, Sia has amassed huge followings on nearly every continent. Her evocative lyrics and choral melodies have consistently put songs, like “Chandelier”and “Cheap Thrills,” on the Billboard Hot 100.   Following the release of “Gimme Love,” the lead single off of Sia’s tenth studio album Reasonable Woman, her management team at CRUSH Music saw an opportunity connect the artist more deeply to her international fanbase by creating lyric videos using AudioShake’s lyric transcription and word-by-word time stamping service. This allowed CRUSH to quickly create lyric videos for languages such as French and Spanish. 

These videos quickly gained thousands of views and comments from non-English speakers excited to see the new release in their own language.

"We’re frequent users of AudioShake’s stem service, so we were excited when we heard they were offering lyric transcription. Lyric videos are always part of our marketing strategy so it's an added bonus that AudioShake allows us to target our approach and create unique content for audiences around the world. Fans love it when they see their favorite song reach them in their native language."
Charlie Adelman
Marketing & Artist Manager, CRUSH Music
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