Spatial mixes for indie & major labels

Kevin McCloskey is a mixing engineer who has mixed tracks for the likes of Future, Lil Baby, DaBaby, Giveon, Joji, and many more. He also owns Bigger Mixes, which creates major label-quality mixes for indie artists.
Spatial mixes for indie & major labels
Working with AudioShake

A prominent indie artist needed a mix created but there was nothing left of the recording session. A temporary drive that had stored all the session files was damaged, and all McCloskey had to work with was the MP3 mix. Not only would McCloskey have to work with a low resolution audio file, but there were no stems for him to work with.While this was far from ideal, McCloskey has become an expert at salvaging 2-track and beat file deliveries and turning them into compelling mixes. He turned to AudioShake.

Although AudioShake works best with high resolution audio like WAV and AIFF, McCloskey ran the MP3 through our platform, separating the song into six stems. The AudioShake vocals and instrumental were pristine," he says. Applying EQ and compression, he was able to create a mix that the client was thrilled with. Now, McCloskey is turning to AudioShake to help create stems for spatial mixing, bringing that new listening experience to indie artists as well as major label customers.

"AudioShake is an invaluable tool that I think any and every engineer/producer should use. While I would have liked to have the original song in high resolution, and delivered with stems, in this industry, being able to work with what you’ve got and make it shine is really where the majority of the work is. I would 100% use this again for the same type of situation, or any other situation for that matter."
Kevin McCloskey
Audio Engineer and Owner, Bigger Mixes
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