Stem-based remixing with Beat Swap

Tuney builds commercially viable AI tools for creative media teams. Its platform makes it easy for creators, musicians, and labels to edit existing music, produce remixes, and generate new tracks. Tools built by Tuney allow users to create and adapt music that is legally safe for commercial release or license. Tuney customers include Hulu, Apple, Meta, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Songfinch, WPP and Mixcord.
Stem-based remixing with Beat Swap
Working with AudioShake

Tuney tapped AudioShake for its stem-based remixing tool, Beat Swap. With the click of a button, artists can create commercially-safe backing tracks to release songs originally written over licensed instrumentals, or labels can remix, rerelease, or test derivative content from their catalogs.

AudioShake’s technology powers the stem separation for Beat Swap by isolating the vocal stems from a user’s track, which Beat Swap’s AI scans for tempo, key, and composition before generating a matching instrumental beat. Tuney's proprietary AI technology analyzes the vocal stem using music theory logic. It then generates a variety of compatible instrumentals across any genre or style, which can be curated, licensed, or even commercially released. 

Tuney’s underlying tech has already enabled cutting-edge functionality for BACARDI’s Music Liberates Music Platform, Songfinch Instant songs, WPP’s Amp Sonic Branding, and more to automate previously manual music functions and bring the power of AI to previously manual businesses.

"Clean, high-quality stem separation is imperative for Beat Swap to analyze a song’s construction and produce a beat that is compatible and viable for our users. AudioShake's stems lead the industry and was the perfect partner for Tuney’s newest tool."
Antony Demekhin
Founder and CEO, Tuney
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