Audiosocket is a music licensing and technology company and the creators of MaaS (Music-as-a-Service), a music search and licensing technology designed for integration with video and photo sharing platforms, virtual worlds, online games and social networks. Audiosocket's service can be used by independent filmmakers to license tracks for use in their films and other creative projects. Audiosocket’s tracks are written, recorded and produced by indie bands, DJ’s and composers. 

"Audioshake has blown our minds with their on-demand stemming tech. We've tried other on-demand services before, but the quality was not usable for commercial purposes. Their tech is game-changing."

– Jenn Miller

CEO, Audiosocket

How did Audiosocket use AudioShake’s technology?

An advertising firm licensed one of Audiosocket’s songs for a Super Bowl Commercial and requested the recording’s stems. Audiosocket had the instrumental, but was missing the individual stems of the song.For this particular project, AudioShake’s technology separated the master recording into vocals, bass, drums, and “other,” making it possible for Audiosocket to deliver both the instrumental and full stem set, giving the music editor the flexibility to work with the song in different ways.

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