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BonFire Records is an internet-first, full-stack music company (mostly) based out of the United States. They offer a full suite of services–distribution, marketing, capital, licensing, publishing, technology and more–and have remained laser-focused on offering transparency, flexibility and collaboration to ensure that musicians of all types and genres can be successful throughout their journeys while bringing fans the hottest music we can find from around the world.

"AudioShake was by far the best investment we made this year. Even if we hadn’t landed this particular sync deal, having the stems for our songs allows us to pitch them going forward."

– Calvin Windschitl , Co-founder, BonFire Records

How did BonFire Records use AudioShake?

Famous Yesterday had a hit in 2018 with their debut song, “Make You,” with over 10 million streams on Spotify alone. Over the years, the catchy tune has been requested for numerous sync licensing opportunities, but BonFire was never able to get the full stems or instrumentals from the band–and one of the few files they did have was corrupted. When a new request came in 2022 to use the song in a Taco Bell commercial, BonFire turned to AudioShake to create the stems. A five-figure sync deal resulted for the label and artist. 

Make You | Famous Yesterday

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