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Breaking down AJR’s “Yes I’m a Mess”

The band AJR is well known for being multi-instrumentalists with layered compositions and a strong connection to their fanbase. To promote the release of their song “Yes I’m Mess,” the band gave fans a deeper look with singer/songwriter/producer Cole Lumpkin breaking down the song’s different components with AudioShake.
Breaking down AJR’s “Yes I’m a Mess”
Working with AudioShake

Across their social channels, AJR regularly publishes deep dives into the construction of their songs. For the release of the last single “Yes, I’m a Mess” off their new album “The Maybe Man,” AJR reshared a stem-by-stem review published by singer/songwriter/producer Cole Lumpkin. Using AudioShake, Cole broke down the song into its stems to highlight the band’s production skills. Fans loved the inside look and a chance to go a level deeper on the song’s construction.

"I find AudioShake’s stem separation technology to be nothing short of magical. To hear, in isolation, individual musicians’ performances on tracks from the days before multi-track recording is a real revelation. AudioShake takes the art of sampling to a new level of sophistication.”
Steve Greenberg
CEO, S-Curve and Manager of AJR
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