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Lyrics on demand for music supervisors

Chordal is the first and only music platform dedicated to growing sync opportunities for artists by connecting the music and content industries with unprecedented transparency. Their goal is to bring more licensing opportunities to the best music in the world, by building a more equitable and globally connected licensing economy that encourages the use of artist music in content.
Lyrics on demand for music supervisors
Working with AudioShake

With AudioShake stems, Chordal has introduced Auto-Lyrics which provides sync licensors and music supervisors with automatically generated lyric transcriptions when commercially released lyrics are unavailable.

Having lyrics on-hand is essential for sync licensing, and traditionally transcription has been a manual process for those in the industry. In an industry as fast-paced as sync, this tool alleviates the time and energy to transcribe lyrics and improves a music supervisor's ability to close opportunities.

“Those in sync are familiar with the pain of hunting down lyrics: jumping from URL to URL, copy and pasting, or trying to transcribe by ear. Key to landing sync deals is time, and this latest collaboration with AudioShake introduces a solution to help close deals faster, and generate more opportunities for music supervisors and artists.”
Grayson Sanders
CEO and Founder, Chordal
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