AI powered automated dubbing solution

Dubverse.ai is a platform that seeks to make video content more accessible to global audiences by providing dubbing and subtitling services for videos. The platform uses artificial intelligence to provide automated dubbing and subtitling services with high accuracy and speed. By offering a multilingual approach, Dubverse.ai allows videos to be understood by audiences from all over the world.
AI powered automated dubbing solution
Working with AudioShake

Dubverse.ai is an innovative platform that seeks to make video content more accessible to global audiences. Dubverse.ai has leveraged natural language processing, neural machine translation, and deep learning algorithms for its AI-powered automated dubbing and subtitling services. However, one challenge the company – and its users – often faced was with videos that had both music and dialogue present. The existing pipeline of standard automatic speech recognition (ASR) strips off both music and sound effects. This makes it difficult for any creator who wants to convert their video into multiple languages.

Now with AudioShake integrated directly into its platform, users can upload their content to Dubverse's automatic dubbing and subtitling service, which uses AudioShake's AI to separate the dialogue and music. Dubverse’s AI is then able to use the isolated dialogue to create a transcription and translation of the video in over 30 languages. Together, the fully automated solution improves the speed, cost, and accuracy of content localization for creators of any size or scale.

"We are in the business of shipping quality content, and audio is a key pillar for any piece of video content. Users go through an extensive cycle of choosing the best music for their videos, so being able to retain that music is an important part of serving our users. AudioShake's music separation allows us to use that same music in each converted video, which makes for a better experience."
Varshul Gupta
CEO, Dubverse
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