Case Study: Dubbing Creator Content at Scale

cielo24 taps AudioShake to strengthen its innovative dubbing platform for content creators of all sizes

AudioShake has proven to be a game changer in audio and video transcription. Since we started using AudioShake, our accuracy rates have improved by 25% or more in some cases. This has allowed us to transcribe audio and video content faster and more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.” .

– Shanna Johnson, CEO of cielo24

Video publishers and content creators want to expand their reach into new markets but often face obstacles with the cost and complexity of dubbing. To meet this rising demand, cielo24 has partnered with AudioShake to launch an automated human-AI hybrid dubbing solution.

While Hollywood blockbusters dispose of large localization budgets, most content-–from reality TV shows and news programs, through to YouTubers–don’t often have the budgets or clean, multi-tracked audio, to be able to use professional dubbing services. 

Automated speech recognition (ASR), artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies have helped open up localization services  to a broader range of content. However, transcription accuracy can fall short when additional background noise or music is in the video. That’s where AudioShake comes in. AudioShake’s patented technology presents a solution by cleanly separating dialogue and music from a video or audio file, allowing ASR, captioning, and dubbing services to benefit from cleaner input audio. This results in much more accurate transcription rates. 

Cielo24’s dubbing platform uses AudioShake to separate the dialog, which it then uses for transcription, translation, and synthetic voice. The new language video is then paired with the original music, also separated by AudioShake, to create the final video. 

Since adopting AudioShake’s technology, cielo24 has seen significant improvement in the accuracy of their speech-to-text engines, especially in cases where recordings have poor quality, low fidelity, or considerable background noise. These types of recordings can be notoriously challenging for speech-to-text engines, often resulting in low accuracy rates and frustrating outcomes.

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